ID the 16mm high school film

I attended 7th-12th grade in the same building, central Indiana, '72-'78. Classes were 55 minutes long. Occasionally, the teacher would show a movie which usually had something to do with the current topic. Sometimes the teacher would show a movie just to take a break from teaching.
There was one movie I saw what seemed like dozens of times in those six years on the days the teachers would take a break. The one part of it I remember best showed a bunch of obedient ping pong balls being produced in a factory- all normal except one, which kept bouncing higher and higher. It was rejected and made it outside, where it eventually bounced too high and apparently never came back down.
Anybody out there remember this film and what it was called?

Scroll down to “A Parable”.

Youtube video here:

I’ve never seen it, but googling animated ping pong ball movie comes up with Why Man Creates. This short won an Academy Award. This is the description given for “A Parable”, part of the film:

Here’s a Youtube clip


Darn you, Wheeljack!


That’s it! Thanks.

Yours was textier. We’ll share the point.

They left out the part where all the other Ping-Pong balls get hammered into square holes…