ID the ghost story from a vague description

I have to begin by confessing I’m not even sure which type of ghost story this is, one billed as fiction, or one that’s “true.”

The story is a little strange because it’s not about the ghost of a person, but of a building: A house (or maybe a castle) appears in a park only during storms, looming a ghostly white in the middle of pouring rain and lightening. Apparently a lot of people saw it during various storms, much like the ghost ships people claim to see.

Sound at all familar?

Yes, it does sound familiar. I believe I heard it (and have perhaps even seen video) in the context of “true story,” with the twist being that it actually is a true story.

(Optical effect dependent on atmospheric conditions.)

Like a Fata Morgana?

Bingo! (Sorry, my memory is poor.)

Damn, I have read this story … and inside there is a party going on, but everything is sort of disjointed, it doesnt seem right. I think it is set in Scotland, and the deal is that it is a ruin that people see as whole, lit up and partying …

For some odd reason I see the image of one of those slightly larger than normal books for the 10 year oldish range that is a compendium of assorted ghost stories that was popular back in the 70s that is printed on sort of coarseish paper that yellows easily. I can almost see the cover, and I think I still have it at my moms house.

There is a cemetary somewhere near Chicago called Bachelor Grove which is said to have a house that appears and disappears.

I once had what may have been the same book, and I loved it. The book I remember had a title something like The Whistling Ghost. All the stories had a dream-like quality. The story that sounds like the one you and the OP are describing involved a family of pale-blond children led by a girl named…Periwinkle, maybe? And she lured this brother and sister to this party at her house, and it was the most wonderful party ever, with different things going on each room, and the sister was dancing with a boy in a kilt, which was so cool. The brother and sister got worried that it was getting late and left despite Periwinkle’s pleas for them to stay, then they never saw the pale-blond children again and when they returned to the house it was a pile of ruins.

Damn, I wish I still had that book.