ID the Mac/SNES game

A 3-D tank game, set in some sort of cybernetic world, appeared first on the Mac, then the SNES.

I can’t remember the name, just a tonne of abuse for buying something so crap from school mates.

IDed it myself, along with the people who cruelly mocked me for purchasing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Spectre (which I enjoyed playing…)

Are you sure it’s not Battlezone-- vector graphics and such?

Nope, Spectre. Pushkin’s right. Battlezone was Spectre’s father, though.

I had fun with Spectre, too. Outdated game now, though.

Spectre was “Battlezone Pro” - I have the original manual right here…

Oh man, I loved Spectre. I was working deadlines at a newspaper, which could get really stressful at times. You’d be head-down, grinding away at something like 2am, then there’d be the unmistakable little beepy fanfare that announced that someone had just started a networked game of Spectre. Screw the deadline. We’d drop everything to shoot co-workers for fifteen minutes or so. Wish I could find an OS X compatible version.

Its Spectre all right, I remembered it by putting myself back in the SNES days at school, mid-90s and I’ve just spent £40 on Spectre when I could have had Zombies Ate My Neighbours.

I’m sort of trying to buy back my teens on Ebay :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember this game! I bought it for 3 bucks at Bud’s (RIP). My favorite was the laughing decoy. AH-hah-hah AH-hah-hah