Id these Oakland/LA Raiders

Here’s an album with a one-second snippet and a screenshot. I think that’s Howie Long in the middle, but how about the other two. The time frame would be 1993-1997. (I know the young lady and man are at the end of the snippet.) Lance Link

Well, Howie Long retired after 1993 so the odds are that it’s from that season if you’re certain about the range. The guy on the left is definitely Bob Golic (#79) and I’m not really sure who the guy on the right is. He looks familiar but I can’t really see his number or place his face. From what I can tell his number looks like #98 but Long and Golic only played together from '89 to '92 and the only guy who was #98 was Ricky Hunley, a black dude.

I gotta ask why this is of interest. Such a bizarre clip to be posting.

The left number on the unidentified player is 6, 8, or 9. The right number is likewise 6, 8, or 9. The possibilities, then, are 66, 68, 69, 86, 88, 89, 96, 98, 99. Since, as mentioned, Golic and Long only played together from 89-92, I went here and scrutinized their roster for those years. Because of race or the absence of the use of the number, I eliminated all but 66. For all four years, 66 was worn by SteveWright

Though the two pictures seem dissimilar, if the player in your photo was a teammate of Golic and Long, and given the number has to be 66 (as all others have been eliminated via race and non-use), it has to be Steve Wright.

Thanks. The original shows the person’s face much better, and I’m pretty sure it’s Steve Wright, not to be confused with Steven Wright.

Why man? Whats the story, it’s killing me.

I think Earl Snake Hips twas making a joke, because this Steven “French Toast During the Renaissance” Wright is unlikely to be confused with a football player.

Because some people have no life.Like me, that is. This was in a montage of people whistling the Andy Griffith tune in “The Andy Griffith Reunion” program (1993). I was trying to find their names to give them credit for the appearance. That’s Clint Black and Lisa Hartman immediately after.

Thanks for the info. Just to close the loop on this, this was part of a montage of an “Andy Griffith” show reunion in the 1990s in which Andy was the host and spoke to most of the living players. The opening sequence featured a montage of various people whistling part of the “Andy Griffith” theme. Everyone in the montage was identified by name except the Raiders.

Curiously, during the course of the program, they mentioned lesser characters such as Clara Edwards (Hope Summers), minor characters such as Emma Brand (Cheerio Meredith), but I don’t recall them once mentioning Frances Bavier or even the character Aunt Bee.