Id these politicians (Jim Lovell [Apollo 8] speaks before Congress]

These are some caps of some audience shots of (apparently) a joint session of Congress and the Supreme Court in which Jim Lovell is speaking after becoming part of the first crew to orbit the Moon.

Item 1: I think the chaps (ironically) on the far right are William Brennan and Earl Warren. Not sure about the lefties, though.

Item 2:The stoutish-looking chap in the middle looks a bit like Hugh Scott, but I think that’s a long shot. Can’t id the guy beside him or the fellow at the bottom left who resembles a cross between Hubert Humphrey and Karl Malden.

Item 3:After months of research, I think I have ided the man in the foreground–but not a clue about the guy in the background. Any ideas???

In your second link, I’m almost positive you got Hugh Scott right, and beside him would be Everett Dirksen. Scott was the Senate minority whip at that point and Dirksen was the minority leader. Only natural they would be sitting next to each other.

As to the Supremes in your pic #2, the Court usually sat in order of seniority, at least on the bench. I don’t know if they went that far when sitting in a Congressional session. IF they did, the pecking order of the court at that point(by oldest to newest) would have been

My personal view is, after viewing hundreds of pics of the individual justices, that’s the order proceeding to Warren’s right. Not the tv viewer’s right, but Warren’s right.

Thos tv shots are really not good enough to id conclusively.

item 3 the man in the background could be Congressman Wilbur Mills, Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee and later involved with an Argentine stripper, Fannie Foxe. He admitted his alcoholism, went AA and didn’t seek reelection in 1976.

Looking those names over, I agree. Thanks.