Id these politicians? (Mostly 1960s era)

Sorry for the quality:

Pic 1: That looks like Thurgood Marshall on the right, so I suspect the other chap is another Justice–perhaps Earl Warren?
Pic 2:Possibly another Justice?
Pic 3:This is “Mr. Curtis,” possibly a senator or congressman?
Pic 4:Mr. Griffiths, Possibly another Justice?
Pic 5:Possibly another Senator, Congressman, or Justice?
Pic 6:They appear to be wearing judicial robes.
Pic 7:Two people introducing Harry Truman, probably at a Democratic convention
Pic 8:No clues on this one.
Pic 9:I know this person. From the same time frame. I thought he looked funny in it.

I suspect the time frame for these photos, except for the Truman-era photo, is 1964-1969, more likely toward the end of that than the beginning.

In number 7, that looks like Adlai Stevenson on the left.

Number 9, I want to say is LBJ.

Yeah, I thought that was Adlai Stevenson, too. I’m just more familiar seeing him with a combover.
(pssst! #9 is LBJ–just threw it in for some comic relief, such as it is)

8 might be Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Number 2 looks like John McCormick of Massachusettes, who was Speaker of the House during that era.

Number 3 is Tom Curtis, a Congressman from Missouri

Number 7 is Adlai Stevenson and Sen. Estes Kefauver. They were the 1956 Democratic nominees for President and Vice President.

Dammit, the only one I thought I recognized offhand was Adlai Stevenson. And yes, on the left of #7.

Number 8 looks like Senator Eugene McCarthy to me; it isn’t Adam Clayton Powell.

Number 1 could be CJ Earl Warren or Justice Arthur Goldberg.

#5 is Senator Al D’Amato of NY. He got replaced by the current Sen. Schumer.
#8 is definitely Senator Eugene McCarthy who ran for president on an anti-war platform in 1968.

Number 2 might by Harry Blackmun but the hair isn’t quite right (Blackmun had a receding hairline but it was pretty straight across).

Thanks, all.

Just so nobody replicates the fruitless search I just did concerning #4: according to Wikipedia the only U.S. Representative with the last name Griffiths was Percy W. Griffiths, who represented Ohio from 1943-1949. I assume that this is too early of a time frame to be relevant to these pictures. No senators have had the last name Griffiths.

Could Mr. Griffiths (#4) be a UN delegate?

My reaction:

1 - I’m pretty sure this isn’t Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall, but I don’t know who it IS…
2 - Definitely Speaker John McCormick.
3 - Maybe Dean Rusk, JFK’s and LBJ’s Secretary of State?
4 - Dunno who Mr. Griffiths is.
5 - This looks kinda like a young Congressman John Dingell to me:,_Jr.
6 - Stanley Reed and Harry Blackmun of the Supreme Court, maybe?
7 - Definitely Adlai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver, the Dems’ ticket in 1956.
8 - No idea who this is.
9 - Definitely LBJ!

I shared the links with a very well-informed political historian I know, and he wrote in reponse to my guesses:

*This was fun!

  1. is definitely NOT Warren and Marshall, but I don’t know who they are.
  2. correct
  3. Certainly looks like Tom Curtis, a GOP House member from Missouri in the '50s/'60s.
  4. The “Ms. Griffiths” is for Martha Griffiths, who is probably sitting next to this gentleman. Probably a House member…
  5. looks so familiar!
  6. guy on right could be Harry Blackmun, hard to say.
  7. correct
  8. Eugene McCarthy
  9. correct.

All the photos are badly blurred. My PC or some link problem?

[li]Looks like it might be Warren[/li][li]Massachussets Congressman and Speaker of the House John J. McCormack[/li][li]?[/li][li]?[/li][li]?[/li][li]?[/li][li]L- Adlai Stevenson R- familiar face but not familiar enough to name[/li][li]Diplomat and one-time NY gubernatorial candidate Averill Harriman[/li][li]LBJ[/li][/ol]

Thanks. These were all snipped from Simon & Garfunkel: Songs for America (1969), a tv special. Fragments of it are on youtube, but I don’t know if this segment was.

Anyway, this was not a fluffy, puffy tv special, but had a certain amount of social commentary. There was a fair amount of canned new footage intertwined with the performance footage, but very few people were identified in either case.

I agree with the others who ID this person as Eugene McCarthy.

I hvae confused the two before; for some reason they look alike to me in photos.

It’s a combination of a) 40+ year old archive footage, b) crt-screen, as opposed to hi-def, and c), my “screen capture” abilities are basically Flintstone era.