Id people in photo: Possibly Navy Department bigwigs

I think this photo possibly ran in a newspaper sometime a long time ago. Behind the men is a plaque saying “Department of the Navy,” so I assume there’s some connection.

The guy on the right, I’m fairly sure, is J. Edgar Hoover.

I’m pretty sure the guy in the middle is George Romney.

Correct. George W. Romney, Governor of Michigan, President of American Motors, father to Mitt.

I agree that the guy on the right looks a bit like Hoover, but I am pretty sure it is not him.

Don’t have my glasses on, but looks like Spencer Tracy, Sterling Hayden, and Bob Hope.

If it is Hoover, it’s an unusual likeness, I agree.

And who the hell is that guy on the left; James Rhodes (former governor of Ohio), maybe? Maybe they’re all three governors from 1968?

Is the guy on the left Admiral Stockdale (Perot’s running mate)?

I don’t know who they are but I know who they aren’t.

No way that is Hoover. Looks a bit like him I supposed, but not much.

And they are way to old for Stockdale. He spent half of the 60s and part of the 70s in prison and was 40 in the mid-60s in any event. Not him either.

And that’s a U.S. Marine emblem behind them. Part of the Department of the Navy, but not the Navy per se.

I think it is Colonel Sanders sans bolo tie.

Going along withthe “Governors” theme, maybe the third guy is Gov. Harold Stassen from Minnesota?

Really good guess. So I’ll try James Allen Rhodes (Ohio) for the guy on the left.

And I’ll upgrade the category to governors and Republican presidential candidates (favorite son in Rhodes’ case in 64 and 68). Romney ran in 68 and Stassen ran whenever he could, so I’m guessing a 1968 Miami convention picture. (Rhodes wouldn’t have run in any primaries or anything outside of Ohio.)

Wikipedia says Rhodes finished third in the 1968 primary, and his bio says he led the Ohio delegation at the '64 and '68 primaries.

The guy in the picture has a little too much hair for me to think he’s Jim Rhodes.

Romney was also the HUD Secretary for four years, so I’d also look at the first four years of the Nixon administration.

He’s not Harold Stassen. I voted for Stassen for president a couple of times, and may do it again this year. The guy on the right resembles Hoover. I would have said that’s not him, but I don’t think I’ve seen a profile photo of him before, so that might be him.