Who is this a picture of?

My friend posted this picture online. He found it in his basement or attic and we are having a discussion about who it is. Guesses have been:

Herbert Hoover
Calvin Coolidge
Claude Wickard
Winston Churchill
J. Edgar Hoover

Perhaps Wickard, but the others seem wrong. Anyone know?

I agree about the others. Looks like a dead ringer for Wickard to me (except for the eyebrows, but I can’t tell if that’s due to the expression or because they’re different), but I can’t find the same photo in google image search (I even cropped it and tried a reverse search).

Definitely not any of the others on the list. Churchill’s the closest of the others, but the eyes are all wrong and he also has a shorter chin.

I can’t find the image, either. This is really frustrating.

Nobody I recognise, but can your friend give us a close up of the shield on his lapel? Might be a clue there.

Yes, the eyebrows don’t look just right for Wickard but the mouth is dead on. Knowing what the lapel pin is may aid greatly in helping to narrow things down.

My friend thinks the pin looks like this without the words.

I say none of the above. Probably one of your friend’s relatives.

Probably some local politician. Although, would the Interstate Highway shield lapel pin indicate a congressional rather than a local cadidate?
Is it an actual photogrpah or a screen-printed cardboard piece, or canvas stretched on a wood frame?

Printing a large photo in the good old days was bleepin’ expensive. it was only done either for special cases, or more likely in bulk with something like silk screening - say for a political campaign.

I have a friend insisting it is Churchill, but it isn’t. I don’t even think it looks like him.

So’s the nose.

Ask him/her if there are any words written on the pin at all.
If (for example) it says “FBI”, that would lend credence to it being J. Edgar Hoover.

The ear ridges are wrong for Wickard. Ear shapes are almost as distinctive as fingerprints.

Churchill would not have a portrait with an American flag/shield emblem on. Besides, doesn’t look at all like him.

I still want to know - is this photographic paper, or a silk-screen mass produced item?

Oh, yeah. The eyebrows are completely wrong, too. Wickard had Vulcan eyebrows.

Where is the basement? Maybe the locale will give a hint? What else was in the basement? And I agree that I’d like a closeup of the lapel pin. Also I can’t see how wide the lapels on his jacket are, but that’s key to narrowing down a time frame.

Any stars, or just a plain blue field? How many stripes?

That particular design of pin has been used as a giveaway at political rallies of both parties since the early 1900’s, up through the 1940’s. It doesn’t narrow the field much.

Where is your friend located geographically? If it’s a local politician, that will help a ton. Does he have an idea how old it is? There’s nothing written on the back?

I have no idea who it is, but he could sell advertising with a forehead like that!

Very similar to presidential candidate H Humphries, and the same style of suit.

Except for the eyes, brows, ears, chin and mouth…