Id this actor

OK, I know who it is, but I thought I’d throw out this old government film. At about the 5-minute mark, you should see a face familiar to us baby boomers.

Raymond Bailey?Took me a few seconds, though.

Looks like Karl Malden.

Yup. Before he started wearing his hairpiece. If you look at his early roles in the 1950s, he started out bald. He was in two Twilight Zone eps, the first one without, and the second one with. I don’t think he ever alternated–once he started wearing it, that was it.

You said he was at about the five-minute mark, so I scrolled forward to about 4:45. I saw him standing and talking, and I thought “okay, any second now the camera is going to cut to a reaction shot of someone who looks familiar.” Finally it dawned on me that I was supposed to recognize him. I’d have never noticed him if I hadn’t been deliberately looking.

It wasn’t the hair for me, it was the voice. Didn’t even sound like his most famous role.