ID this black and white science fiction movie

In black and white, set in outer space, I remember from stumbling over the Wiki article that it’s either American or Russian.

The only snippet I remember is a scene where a robot is walking across a lava flow on a planet somewhere with two astronauts on its shoulders. In what I remember as a hilarious non-application of Asimov’s laws, the robot decides the humans are too heavy and tries to pull them both off its shoulders, before the other humans from their expedition arrive (again IIRC) in a hover car to save them.


Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet ?

ETA: Scooped! :mad:


Originally it was a Russian sf movie called, “Planet of Storms,” later edited and dubbed as “Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet”, released in the US in 1965. This movie (and the Russian inserts) were in turn used to create “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women” (1968). -from IMdB.

That’s the one, thanks all.

Wow, I remember only that particular scene as well! But we had a color TV!

Ha ha, nice.

Goodness, a lot of awful/brilliant b-movies hosted on Youtube there through that link.