ID This Bug

Any idea what we’re looking at here?

We found one in our bed a week or so ago, and after googling bedbug pics and finding that it didn’t match, I didn’t worry about it. However, we just found another four in the laundry basket.

Harmless little nothing, or should I start firebombing?

That’s a carpet beetle larva.

Bingo. Thanks much!

Not 100% harmless. Start checking your woolen clothing. Those little bastards can eat holes in some of your most expensive wool gabardine slacks or cashmere sweaters.

They’re the reason I’ve stuck with nylon fiber area rugs instead of buying nice woolen ones.


They also are known to infest natural wool fleece. I thought this might be relevant.

Ooo, good point. I’d better take a loHEEEEYYYYYYYY!

He got ewe good.

To add some value, I recently looked these critters up on a few sites, and the consensus I saw was that seeing a few of them is not cause for panic. They frequently come into the house in stored food or pet food containers, and policing up the contaminated food and vacuuming thoroughly usually gets rid of them unless you have a major infestation. They’re not nearly as bad as bedbugs, for example.

I soooo love you guys. I have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation other than that.

I just remembered that my bedroom slippers are lined with fleece. I suppose I’ll have to peek in there with a flashlight tonight.


Sure—that’s a penny!