ID this character and actor from GLEE

There was a member of the cast who kind of disappeared very soon after his introduction. This was probably in the second or third season. The character was a boy from Ireland, either an exchange student or immigrant. The teacher introduced him to peanut butter (I was unaware that it was particularly scarce in Ireland) as an object lesson to try new things. He was briefly involved with Britney. I remember reading somewhere that the actor was a member of Arcade Fire, but I don’t think it was Win Butler (and neither does IMDB). He kind of reminded me of Mick Hudnall (from Simply Red), but with brown hair. Anyone know who this is?

This link has likely more than you want to know: Rory Flanagan | Glee Wiki | Fandom

Don’t ask how I know.

Hey, I’m embarrassed enough to be asking. thanks!