ID this little songlette?

There’s a little 4 note tag that often comes at the ends of comic songs. In the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he goes to war with an opera singer, he ends the cartoon by playing this little tune on a banjo.

If the tune has words, I don’t know what they are, but my father used to sing it as “Without a shirt.” As kids, we found this hilarious for some reason.

I don’t know how else to describe it except in this way: If it was played in the key of C major the notes would be G A G Bflat, with a fermata on the last note.

Where does it come from? Does it have a name? Does it have lyrics?

Do you mean “Good eve-ning frieeeeeeends”?

Oops, I didn’t notice you wrote out the notes. Allow me to rephrase:

You mean “Good eve-ning frieeeeeeends!”

Well, the words fit, so that could very well be right.

Largely irrelevant, but:

At the end of “Happy Birthday,” certain anonomous support group members sing “keep coming back” to this tune.

I’ve heard this snippet at the end of “Happy Birthday” with the words, “And many more . . .”

I’ve heard it in some BB cartoons as “…and that ain’t all…”

In the context of the cartoons, it was usually “and that ain’y hay.”

What that meant, I don’t know.

Ain’t hay. Rats.