Id this newscaster

I think it’s Frank Reynolds. Just looking for some confirmation:

It does look and sound like him.

Almost definitely Frank Reynolds. I spent a lot of time watching ABC News back in the day, and I’m just about positive it’s him.

Anyone else remember ABC’s three-anchor experiment in the 80s, I think? Where they had Peter Jennings in London, Frank Reynolds in New York and Max Robinson in Chicago, and they’d go back and forth through the newscast? Certainly was something different.

Late 1970s I think, after the experiment of having Barbara Walters and Harry Reasoner co anchor the evening news failed. Reasoner went back to CBS/60 minutes.

My guess is that it is Reynolds.

Here’s a clip of Frank Reynolds in November 1963 when he was a newscaster on Channel 7 in Chicago.

Earl’s clip is probably from Chicago TV as well, given that Emmett Till’s grandmother lived in Chicago.

Looks like Frank Reynolds to me, although I never saw him that young.

It seemed to waste a whole lot of air time. It lasted from 1978 to 1983, when Jennings was made sole anchor after Reynolds’s death.

I knew it was Reynolds before my eyes even focused. The voice is unmistakable.