ID this novelty record if you can, please

Back in the late 60s or very early 70s, I had a novelty record about, believe it or not, bad breath. I believe it was a promotional record for a breath freshener, but I can’t remember, and I lost the record years ago. Can anyone ID it? Here’s what I know for sure:

It features two men talking, apparently in a barnyard (you can hear chickens clucking for some reason).

Man #1: Doctor Jack and I are very pleased to be with you today. Doctor, what’s the difference between bad breath and halitosis?

Man #2: The spelling. Halitosis is a nice thing to sing, by the way. (He says “halitosis” in a sing-song kind of way.) Have you tried it?

Man #1: Very interesting. Something else that’s very interesting is your bad breath museum.

They then go on to talk about bad breath through history, such as mentioning an art critic whose breath was so bad, he could start the windmills in an old Dutch painting. And that someone (Edison?) ate a garlic and pepperoni pizza, and went saying HI! to everyone.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I’ve tried Google, but no luck.

Sure sounds like Bob and Ray, if that’s any help.

Thanks, but it’s not Bob and Ray, of that I’m sure. I’m familiar enough with them, and I can hear the first guy’s voice in my memory, and I know it’s not any character like Bob and Ray would’ve had.

More likely Dick Orkin and Bert Bertis. They did a lot of commercials in that style, as well as Chickenman. See if the voices sound familiar.

Possible, but I don’t think so. I remember Chicken Man (I heard it on the radio in high school), and later listened to his other series, the Tooth Fairy. Thanks anyway for the suggestion, because Chicken Man and the Tooth Fairy should never be forgotten. :slight_smile:

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