ID this obscure classical music piece in "Oh Heavenly Dog"?

My favorite movie of all time is Oh Heavenly Dog, where Chevy Chase gets killed and comes back to live as Benji the dog in order to solve his own murder. There are two scenes at an art gallery (the fictitious Needham Gallery in London). During the first scene, the Promenade theme of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition is playing. However, during the second scene, there’s another classical piece that I’ve never been able to identify. Does anybody who’s seen the movie know what I’m talking about? I tried entering the melody on, but no luck. It goes something like this: (the fraction in front of each note tells you whether it’s a quarter note, eighth note, etc.)

1/4D# 1/8C# 1/4D# 1/8C# 1/4D# 1/4C# 1/8B 1/8C#

I hope you’re not talking about Fur Elise, which is the default answer for “What’s that famous classical music?”

Definitely not Fur Elise. I made an error earlier–the second line isn’t an exact repeat of the first. The last note is an A instead of a C#.

Could it be an orchestral version of Paul McCartney’s “Arrow Through Me”? Some dude on IMDb says that happens during the film, and it does sound like it might be the intro.

It’s possible, but I don’t think that’s it. I do remember “Arrow Through Me” playing during the opening scene of the movie. I’m trying to imagine an orchestral version of the song in my head, but I’m coming up empty.

I’m not absolutely certain that the piece is an actual classical composition, but it seems to fit the scene, based on the fact that it’s in a fine art gallery and that they play Pictures at an Exhibition in the earlier scene.

Tried to ID it, but couldn’t.
It’s possible it was a piece written in classical style, just for the film.