ID this obscure mid-1980s song?

There was a song that got considerable airplay on pop stations, I believe in the fall of 1986. It must have had no staying power whatsoever, because I’ve never heard it since then, even though I listen to 80s music stations sometimes. In the chorus, there’s a line that sounds something like “make it sweet more.” (That is NOT the actual line, but that’s what it sounded like to my 10-year-old ears.) The line may have been repeated. The four notes in “make it sweet more” follow the musical scale like this: (1st note) up up down, or maybe it was (1st note) down up down.

I know this is very minimal information, but I’ve seen other threads like this where somebody actually does identify the song. Any guesses?

Maybe you can find it here?

I was going to say Sweet Disorder by Strawpeople, but the timing is way off and it probably wasn’t released internationally.

Opportunities, Pet Shop Boys.

Update: it was actually fall of 1985, not 1986. I went to the 1985 page of terentii’s link, but no luck. It’s not “Sweet Disorder” or “Opportunities” either.

Was it in a minor key?

I think so. I believe it was a pretty slow song, maybe a love ballad.

“Things will only get better” by Howard Jones. (skip to the chorus)

This was the first song I thought of; I’d be surprised if it wasn’t correct.

It’s not “Things Can Only Get Better” either. I guess there’s a tiny chance that it’s a song I know well but am not making the connection with my memory of hearing it when i was 9.

Was it a ballad, a slow song, an upbeat number, '80s power pop, any ideas? I have some, but we need to narrow it down a bit. I’ll bet it was something slow.

EDIT: never mind, you answered that and I just missed it. Since the lyrics were indecipherable to your ears, it was slow, and had a minor key feel, how about Life In A Northern Town by The Dream Academy?

I always want to answer “Reap the Wild Wind” to questions like this. Too lazy to link from my iPad.

Male voice or female voice?

Synth pop or top 40 rock?

What makes you sure you heard it in fall of 1985?

Did the singer have an accent of any kind that you remember?

I posted a thread asking for some song ID help and the answer was “Reap the Wild Wind.”

It doesn’t fit the description exactly, and it’s from 1983, but the first thing that came to mind was Paul Young’s “Come Back and Stay.”

Yeah, that was me. I’m just getting lazy. :slight_smile:

Is it Obsession by Animotion?

Possibly The Promise by When In Rome?

Oops. I meant to suggest Electric Blue. It’s chorus has the line “I just freeze when…” that sort of matches with the description in Ponch8’s original post.

For some reason I always confused those two songs.

Have you considered “Reap The Wild Wind”?

Is it “Rio” by Duran Duran?

It had to be done.

Random Actual Stab in the Dark: is it “Yah Mo B There” by Michael McDonald and James Ingram?