I need the name of an 80's dance song...

I’ve tried searching, but it’s difficult to tell what I’m looking for, because I only heard the song.

Here goes: In 1987 I moved to Hollywood, FL. I’m a dinosaur rock fan- I listen to Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the like- and I am not a disco fan. But my new roommate was- he liked going to the clubs in Lauderdale, so I was subjected to a lot of songs.

There were several songs played on the radio frequently as we cruised the Strip. Prince’s “You’ve Got the Look” (or whatever) was common, Miami Sound Machine, and some others… but there was one song that I never found a title or artist for. I don’t even remember lyrics, although there were a lot of moaning sounds, and the singer was female. The main theme of the song was a keyboard riff which sounded off-key, or like it was done in flats- and a triangle or xylophone backed up the chorus.

This song was so popular in So. FL that they used it in commercials- I saw it in one for a dog track.

Can anyone suggest how I find this song? It burned into my brain, and I have obsessed about it from time to time. I’d really like to just know who did it and what it’s called.

“love to love you”?

Donna Summer **Love to Love You

Donna Summer - “Love to Love You Baby” was what I was thinking, too. You can listen to it here.

Love to Love you, Baby, though, came out years before 1987. Around 10 years, I would guess. I distinctly remember listening to it in my room at night and knowing something was going on in the song, but I didn’t know what. I would have been about 14…

From Steelrphan’s description I was thinking the song was something by Appolonia or Vanity.

Yeah, it’s not Love to Love You… that was out in the 70’s, IIRC. I’ve looked over playlists from '87 but I can’t tell… I remember the song, but not the lyrics…

Is there a website where I can find and listen to some of this music? I’d nil it right away if I could just hear it.

I think that was Roxette, not Prince.

As for the OP question, I’m still trying to remember. Damn!

No, there’s “The Look” by Roxette, and “You Got the Look,” by Prince w/Sheena Easton.

didn’t Berlin have such a moaning song? It would be in the right time frame. I’ll check.

“Sex” was a song by Berlin that had a lot of moaning in it. That song was a club hit in the US around 1983, so it could be what Steelerphan is thinking of. The rest of his description doesn’t sound like it, though. The most recognizable part of “Sex” is a sequence of lines by a man and a woman…the woman is saying “I’m a goddess, I’m a hooker, I’m your babe” while the man always answers with “I’m a man…I’m a man…”. A song about gender roles.

Steeler, I think we are going to need more to go on. Do you remember ANY of the lyrics? Did the song remind you of ANY other song by an artist you know?

For the record, if it’s a Prince song, it would have to be “U Got the Look.”


It’s his thing.

There was another song that featured a woman moaning… *hungry like the wolf *?

Some devotd fan has the lyrics,

If you recall any of the lyrics of the song it would really help.

Hungry Like the Wolf, Duran Duran. Again, though, doesn’t sound like the rest of Steelerphan’s description. This song was a big “Top 40” hit in the US around 1983 or so, so I think Steelerphan would be familiar with it. I think the song he is looking for is going to turn out to be more obscure.

Maybe dalovindj can help us, if his musical knowledge goes back that far. Paging dalovindj, paging dalovindj…

Laughing Lagomorph, (I have to look that one up,) I can remember the keyboard part vividly- the best description I can give is that it sounded a little like a calliope. I don’t remember any lyrics- but I’m sure it was a new song in late summer of '87, and I’m fairly sure the singer was black (I could be mistaken here). I was newly single at the time, and I spent a few nights in clubs like Shakers, the Candy Store, Penrod’s on the Beach- I heard it over and over again. My Google searches don’t link to anything I can listen to, maybe a little help finding a .wav or .mp3 could do it?

You’re right about “Hungry”- I liked Duran Duran because the videos were cool, we played them at the frat house after parties.

Maybe Diana Ross: “Love Hangover?”

“Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6, featuring lead vocals by Vanity, star of the classic movies “Terror Train” and “Terminal Island.”

If you have some time, you can listen to the samples for this cd: Best of Dance 87

My WAG is that it’s “I Love to Love” by Tina Charles.

I don’t have a link to the song, but the type of keyboard you’re referring to might be heard in the song “I Don’t Want to Fall in Love” by Jane Child, a native of Ontario, Canada.

Steeler, I know its the second time you’ve asked but I’m afraid I just can’t help you there. One of the young geniuses on these boards is going to have to…I’m your basic computer idjit, and I listen to music the old fashioned way, on the radio!

You might try contacting DKW, the guy who started this thread:

He seems to know something about it.

I was thinking about “your” song, and I know So. Florida has had a very vibrant local music scene for years. Is it possible the song was a local rather than a national hit? Did it sound like it had a Latin influence at all?

Also, the CD suggested by SmackFu. Good luck in your search, and let us know if you ever find it…you’ve piqued my curiosity, and probably others as well.

I listened to the CD- unfortunately, no help. I searched around some, but was intimidated by the sheer volume I needed to check out to do a proper search.

What got me started was a commercial on TV containing a song called “Be My Lover”- it had the same sound, and I am placing it at the club scene, but I’m not sure. It’s in a collection called “Pulse.”

No Latin influence- I was on the Strip, not South Beach. They seem to have distinct differences, this was at the time Fort Lauderdale started to chase the Spring Breakers away, but they were still around in numbers.

It could have been Diana Ross, for all I know…

It may have been local, but I’m also not sure. I’m continuing to search. Thanks for the help so far, and I will post if I find it.