ID this (poorly described) animated TV series

It was broadcast in the US in the 1970’s, I don’t know if it was new at that time. It was done with claymation and the ‘look’ was similar to Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. It sounds like nothing I’ve seen, but the Mrs. is sure she watched it.


Let’s rule out some obvious ones. It wasn’t Davey and Goliath or Gumby, was it?

Does she know what time during the day it was aired? For example, was it aired as a kids’ show in the morning or after school? Was it prime time or late at night?

Wikipedia has a list of claymation series and films.

Where did your wife grow up?

Does she have any memories of subject matter, plots, characters, etc?

Early or late 70’s?

I always assume it’s gotta be a Rankin Bass production if it’s stopmotion television in the 70s.

The comparison to *Corpse Bride *made me think of the 1967 film Mad Monster Party.
It wasn’t a series, but I’m sure it was shown on TV more than once, so it’s at least possible this is what she’s remembering.