ID This Really Crappy Sci-Fi Movie

AFAIK, MST3K never did this one, but they should have. Anyway, it was a bad rip-off on 2001 with what sounded like Peter Thomas doing the voice of the computer (I checked, and it doesn’t mention the film, or very much of Peter Thomas’s work for some reason.). In this film, they’re preparing a luxury spaceliner for it’s maiden voyage. They’re going to go cruise the solar system with the thing, when the computer starts going crazy. Eventually the captain manages to get the computer to explain to him that the ship was originally designed to be a starship, and well, that’s what the computer wants to be, not some kind of luxury cruise ship. The captain says, “Hey! Great idea! Let’s go!” and the movie ends with them heading off to Alpha Centauri or something. One of the things which caught my eye was that they had these wheeled robots running around on the ship, but if you looked at the doors that the characters walked through, you realized that there was no way for the robots to be able to get around on the ship, since the characters had to step over the bottom lip of the door seal by several inches, and indeed, you never saw the robots move through a doorway. The door would open, a robot would be standing on the other side, the camera would cut to a character in the room, then cut back to the robot, who was now in the room.

Anyone know?

I’m trying to remember…
Did the ship/computer develop a personality?
This movie might have been about 1970? (2001 came out in 1968, right?)
Do you remember anything else? Did the people on the ship wear uniforms or were they civilians?

You could try contacting Mr. Thomas via Forensic Files and ask if that was him.

It was definately in the late 1970s early 1980s that the film was made, and I don’t think that the folks on the ship wore military uniforms (though they might have worn uniforms fo the cruiseline). The computer did seem to slowly develop a personality over time.

Lifepod (1980)?

I’m gonna say that’s it, as the description of the film certainly matches what I remember of the movie. I notice that no one is given credit for the computer’s voice in the listing, so perhaps Mr. Thomas didn’t want the screen credit (and having seen the film, I can understand why).