ID this Science Film?

Years ago I remember this film shown on PBS:

Some guy Is having a picnic or something in the park and lays down for a nap. The camera starts pulling away…high as a kite, and airplane, a jetliner…pulling back like a rocket.

You’re pulling back into orbital altitude.

You see the globe of the earth, the moon, the orbit of earth around the sun, the solar system, local stars, the galaxy, the universe.

Then you start zooming back and you’re once again looking at the napping guy. you start zooming in to the guy’s hand, skin flakes, cells, molecules, atoms, atomic nucleus…

What is the name of this film, or how do I phrase a google search?

Powers of 10.

Powers of Ten (on YouTube)
Simpsons Parody

Since I was way too slow I changed my post to the IMDB link.

Powers of Ten

Here it is on Youtube. Although I recall there was narration to go along with it, not just ambient Tangerine Dream music. I kind of remember it being in B&W as well. Are there different versions of this flm?

xkcd: Powers of One

Teh awesome…it burns!


Yes. For some reason, someone (AFAIK, not Eames) decided to re-make the film. I saw the re-make at the Lowell Observatory. The original was MUCH better.

Dangit, Bosstone, I was going to post that one!

There’s a 6-DVD set with all of the Eames’ films that was released a couple of years ago (it’s available on Netflix). I only made it through the first 2 disks, and “Powers of Ten” is by far the coolest, but there is some other neat stuff on there, too, including an earlier rough version of “Powers of Ten”.

My link in post 3 has the narration, but fairly poor video quality.

Elmer Bernstein wrote the music for quite a few of the Eames films and his scores are even compiled onto CD.