ID this short story - Weinbaum 'A Martian Odyssey' Parody

Stanley G. Weinbaum wrote two short stories in the same universe “A Martian Odyssey” and “Valley of Dreams”. There was supposedly a third story planned in the series but Weinbaum died of throat cancer before he could write it.

I’m not looking for a story written by Weinbaum. I’m looking for a story that appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction (or Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine before the name change). It was a continuation of the Weinbaum stories but it was more parody than serious.

It featured Dick and Tweel (Tweerl ?). IIRC they had used the stone and had set themselves up as rulers or were at least living a hedonistic lifestyle.

I’ve tried searches galore but since I don’t remember the author or title I haven’t had any luck. Can anyone help?

Wish I could. I read the first story as a kid and loved it, and learned of the second story only recently, reading it in a Weinbaum anthology I got through interlibrary loan. Did you know the second story was actually a rewrite of his draft of the first story?

Before I read your post, I’d never heard about a third story at all, parody or no. Now I’ll keep an eye peeled.