ID this song dad used to sing

Oh, hell! Oh, hell! Oh, Helen you are fine
You simp! You simp! You simply are devine!
You’re nuts! You’re nuts! You’re not so much, it’s true.
But damn! Oh, damn! Oh, damsel I love you!

I’ve never heard it, but evidently it’s from 1918 and is called “Oh Helen.”
Scroll down a bit, past the first set of lyrics.

Your dad used to drink.

Much like the “Pancake Dance” that my wife’s dad is now famous for, it is merely a side-effect of “the drink”. He admitted it to me at our wedding. He was hung-over and slipped or staggered while making breakfast, but the kiddies saw it for something so much more, and thus it passes into family lore.

That song or something similar features in an episode of South Park. The girl (Stan?'s love interest) sings it.

Actually, he didn’t. (He used to trade his combat ration of sauce to the ship’s cook in exchange for steak and eggs for breakfast every morning.) He was, however, a very wacky guy. :wink:

I heard a similar one in High School. A bit bawdy…

Fuck You! Fuck You! For Cur-ios-ity.
To Piss. To Piss. Two Pistols by my knee
Asshole, Asshole. A Soldier I will be.
To fight for the queen’s cunt, fight for the queen’s cunt,
Fight for the queen’s country.

Thats what he tells you! :wink:

And thats what I’m telling MY kid! :smiley: Except I’ve never been to sea, at least not on a military ship. Sure I’ve been on Cruises, sat at the Captain’s table, played suffleboared with the the Chief Purser for the Keys and all…

What was this about?

Dad was combat aircrew during Korea. After the missions the crews were given an ‘airline bottle’ of hooch. Dad didn’t drink, but the cook did.