ID this song PLEASE!

This may be a longshot, but I somehow got this song onto my playlist. It may have come from a friend’s CD, a demo disc, or directly from the Gods for all I know.

Anyway, it is a girl singing, very clear young voice. Catchy little tune…I thought it may have been Tegan and Sara, but it’s not. Here is a snippet of the lyrics.

(Just Guitar playing)
Don’t forget me when I’m gone, no I don’t think I can last long even…(indistinct)about this, I may be wrong, yeah, but I’m leaving you anyways
(Good Guitar break with drums and such)

I am falling away.

1st lyric repeats

And when they all come to gather around pretending to know you so well
They say, don’t you let our secret get around.
Don’t you let them know that I am falling away. AWAY…
Fall away from the graces of god. Yes, Fall Away, yeah

(Music settles down some)

There are more lyrics, but I fear the mod-gods will slap me down.

Any ideas? It is driving me nuts.

Here you are. It’s the third song from the bottom called “Fall Away”, but there’s no snippet. The band is called Goodness.

I used to have that album. I wonder wtf happened to it…

Oh, I just noticed your location! That’s probably why you/your friend has it – Goodness is (was?) a Seattle-based band.

Wow. You are awesome! I knew this answer (which I have googled like mad only to get Glass Tiger sites) would be the answer. I figured it would be some band/demo tape, free download that I got.

I see that the singer FIIA MCGANN is playing on the 14th at the Crocodile for the Short Acts performance. I’m soooo going. And it’s thanks to you! If you wanna go, I’d gladly pay your cover!

I really liked them from what I can remember of that album. They’ve got several albums on various small labels, IIRC.

And I would gladly, gladly take you up on your offer – if I didn’t live 2500 miles away in Ohio. :stuck_out_tongue: