ID this Twain story?

I was talking to a friend of mine, who remembered having seen as a child a TV verson of a Mark Twain story. As it turns out, I had seen it too, but have been unable to figure out which story it was based on.

All I remember is that it’s about a guy from the future who helps out a kid who is a printer’s apprentice. The show started with a big glowing ball floating down to earth.

Can anyone ID this?

Time travel + Twain sounds like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court to me, but the “printer’s apprentice” part doesn’t sound right.

This sounds to me like a TV adaptation I saw of “The Mysterious Stranger”; a Twain tale that has a few differring versions and I don’t believe was ever published during his lifetime.

from the Masterplots II database, the first paragraph of the plot summary:

Sound familiar?

I had actually thought for sure that I remembered the TV show as being described as “The Mysterious Stranger,” but I read the book recently and it seemed totally different. I specifically remember a scene involving a print shop, with the stranger (who was from the future, not the Devil) using his special powers to help them meet an impossible deadline.

Is this it, Ben?

This has gotta be it. As I said, there were various versions of the story and this was just one of them. Here’s a nice site that explains how the various versions came about : “The Mysterious Stranger” by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

Eutychus, that was informative, but honestly, the bits about how the Jews got Roosevelt elected so he could sell out America to the Communists makes me want to take a shower…:slight_smile:

Yeah … take a lot of it with a grain of salt, but the first part of it at least gives a fairly decent overview.

Well that was a weird little essay. All the master-race stuff was most enlightening. I will have to do some research to figure out who the “Great War Criminal” was who “made the United States an apanage of the Judaeo-Communist empire”. Roosevelt I guess?

I read this Mark Twain story years ago…it was about this frog, that could jump real good, and was celebrated for it, and I think it took place in Calaveras county.

Can anyone ID that one?

Was the frog from the future?

Based on the imdb link and the cover photo, it looks like it was indeed The Mysterious Stranger, based on some of the printer-heavy material which didn’t end up in the finished version. Now I think I’ll have to read the parts that didn’t make it into the finished book.

And now I must tell my story about “The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” After reading the story in literature class, one of my classmates had the following dialogue with the teacher:

“But why did he feed the frog buckshot?”

“So that the frog couldn’t jump as high.”

“But, like, why not put weights on the frog’s feet, or something?”

“Because then people would see it!”

“Why weren’t people supposed to see it?”

You know, I’m really glad I’m no longer in high school…

…And then there was the one about the guy who got a really, really heavy check. I guess it was so that it wouldn’t bounce.

No, the Frog was Satan.