ID this, um, song?

Waiting for a concert to start, half listening to the soundtrack between the opening bands setups.

This song comes on - not a song in any normal sense - more of spoken word over music, but even that overstates it. The voice was of a fitness instructor. It might have been a young Arnold Schwarzeneggar, without the classic exaggerated accent. While the music plays, the instructor speaks (no singing). First some preliminary instructions, but then nothing but “1…and Down, 2… and Down, 3… and Down” and so on forever. Then back to further instructions, then “1… and Up, 2… and Up…”

It went on for a long time and without my knowing it has burned itself into my brain. I wanna hear it again, but no amount of searching has led me to it. The headliners of the concert were Alice in Chains and Korn in Detroit (maybe you were there and heard it too?)

Do you know what I’m talking about?

What kind of music? Solo jazz trumpet? Reggae dub? Techno? Metal?

The music itself was nondescript. Best guess: pop/loop, slightly dance-ish. Moderate tempo.

I know, big help, right?

Vengaboys - Up and Down (party like it’s 1999…)

Playing the fucking Vengaboys before an Alice in Chains and Korn concert? I’d call that a major DJ fail.

Adding this to my next dance party playlist, but this isn’t it.

Definitely a guy’s voice. It’s as if someone took the audio of a fitness video and put it on top of music. There was counting (1… Up, 2… Up… then later 1…Down 2…Down). The effect is bordline hypnotic (without being trance, as I understand trance).

Aye; it is. I can rule out Lil Rick based on that (and on the fact that you didn’t mention an accent).

What about this?

That is soooo close without being the one I heard.

I’m ready for pain, but I’m not quite ready for suffering.

I’d find it odd that they’d play it before those bands but your description makes it sound like Workout Plan by Kanye West.

It wasn’t Kanye (Kanye West - The New Workout Plan (Short Version) - YouTube)

Wow, didn’t realize there would be so many, um, songs so similar. I thought it was a one-off, but it looks as if I stumbled on a whole sub-genre :slight_smile:
This is so hard… it is so clear in my head, but I don’t know how to provide enough distinguish clues. SDMB has never let me down in any of my “ID this” threads. I feel I’m letting you down.

Using this tempo tool the BPM is ~120
The counting part that repeats phrase “1… and Down… 2… and Down… 3… and Down” went on to at least 8 or 10, or maybe even 12. Then other spoken instructions, then “1… and Up… 2… and Up… 3… and Up” again up to 8/10/12.

Each “1… and Down” was a measure, with “1” on 1 and “Down” on 3. The “and” was a quarter note just before the “Down” At 120 BPM this felt kinda slow. I can’t imagine what exercise is happening (I wasn’t paying attention to the spoken instruction part). Whatever it was, there was a lot of Downs in a row, then a lot of Ups in a row. I don’t think it was up/down…up/down…up/down as some of the songs above have.

Found it!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Body Workout

I wasn’t paying attention, and the fact it was Arnold didn’t register. It was only days later that 5…Down…6…Down… infiltrated my earworm canal.

Bizarre that this on the playlist before AOC/Korn.

Was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the opener or headliner?

:smack: Of course I meant AIC… Joe Biden warmed up the crowd before Mitch McConnell opened with his cover of the famous song by Disturbed* “The Sounds of Silence”

  • huh-huh - see what I did there :slight_smile:

Tagging on to the thread …
There’s two songs I’m trying to find again
A lady singing about escaping from an abusive husband, she can feel the pressure rising, sometimes deliberately triggers it, packs the kids into a friend’s pickup in the middle of the night.

The other - a graduation address about “not being special” - along the lines of, so what? You’re the valedictorian of 1 school out of xx in America out of xx in the world etc, yeah - it doesn’t mean the world owes you a living.

Is the graduation song “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen” from Baz Luhrmann?

The one I’m thinking goes along the lines of…
So what you’re the best in school?
There’s 500 schools in your state and 50 states and that’s onlky the US.
Don’t think you’re special…