ID this upcoming Marvel Comics movie poster?

I live in Korea, but neither read nor speak Korean. Walking past a local multiplex, I saw a “coming attractions” poster of a character I didn’t recognize. The actor reminded me a bit of Julian MacMahon (Dr. Doom) in a trenchcoat, with a dark, nighttime building behind him and a puddle with his darkened reflection right in front of him. The reflected character had short little horn/ear thingies coming out of his head/helmet and he apparently has a cape with the costume. The only English script on the poster I could see was the Marvel logo in the bottom left corner.

I guess this could have been either Magneto or Loki from one of the upcoming summer blockbusters–if not for the horns, even the Red Skull could be a possibility–but does this poster ring any bells with anybody? Couldn’t find it on the IMDB.

If you could take a pic I can translate it for you. Otherwise, sorry, no idea.

X-Men: First Class

X-Men First Class

D’oh! Beaten by minutes.

In your face!

That’s the one, thanks!