Id this wasp?


Central South Carolina. Similar in size to a bald-faced hornet. Looks to be completely black except for two large yellow spots on the abdomen.

Maybe a harmless cicada killer wasp?

It looks like “The Wasp from Hell”. :eek:

It appears to be a scoliid wasp. Maybe the Campsomeris quadrimaculata in figure 16.

Yeth, that id wasp.

I second the possibility of it being a cicada killer. I get those in my house in SC sometimes. (And do a catch and release.)

(BTW, this id the wasp from hell.)

I haven’t seen pics of cicada killers with legs as dark in color as the OP’s pic. I’m still going with a scoliid wasp. The one in figure 16 or a very close relative.

Size looks right for a cicada killer, though the markings look a bit off.

Here’s one from my old house in 2011:

I kind of miss having them around.

You’re right. The OP’s wasp’s legs look black.

Thanks. I found the corpse, and it’s definitely a scoliid wasp. It actually had four large yellow spots, but the way it was turned, I saw only two.