ID this webcomic rat

In today’s Girl Genius, in the fourth panel, we see an anthropomorphic rat lounging in the hallway, whom we haven’t met before. It doesn’t look like Foglio’s usual art style, and between that and the “Doc Rat” sign on the door (as opposed to “Dr.”, on other doors) leads me to suspect that this is a character from another webcomic that Phil is including as a call-out. But I don’t recognize the rat. Does anyone else? Where is he from?

Possibly a nod to the “Doctor Rat” novel by William Kotzwinkle.

It’s from a comic strip called… wait for it… “Doc Rat”. You didn’t even try google, did you? :slight_smile:

Doc Rat

That would have been too obvious.

So is it something that a fan of Girl Genius ought to check out?