ID two movies: late-80's/early 90's sci-fi, late 90's indie death black comedy

Ok, here goes:

  1. Late-eighties or early nineties sci-fi. Saw it on a premium channel like HBO or Showtime, but it had a sort of direct to video vibe. I’m almost positive it wasn’t released theatrically. It was about a teenage boy who gets some sort of (extraterresterial? government project?) laser gun/backpack type thing. It’s basically a backpack attached to a gun that shoots lasers. He ends up using it in a public place - I think he might take over his school or something - and is sniped by the swat team or military in the end.

  2. Late 1990’s - '98 or so - indie black comedy about a guy who’s dying of a terminal illness. He makes a deal with another guy to help him live out some deviant wishes before the end. At some point, after he’s cremated the main character smokes his ashes in a joint.

I swear this one came up in the last few months… let me check IMDB since I remember one of the movie’s stars… “Deadly Weapon”