Idaho dentists who do mercury removal...

My friend in Idaho believes a lot of her physical problems are due to mercury leaching from her fillings. She is looking for any dentists in the area (including surrounding states) who do mercury-filling removal but charge on a sliding scale according to patients’ income. Thanks.

The evidence appears to strongly support the idea that amalgam mercury toxicity is a scam (cite), so I’d suggest the first step is for her to have a proper urinalysis done for mercury (not the “breath vapor” test the scammers use). I have to imagine that this is cheaper than an actual dental replacement, and certainly much less damaging to the teeth than having them redrilled and refilled.

Good luck finding a sliding fee dentist. If you can find one, most won’t do anything but minor maintanence and even fewer to major treatments. For instance, they will pull the tooth but not do a root canal.

Like at the Univeristy of Illinios Dental School, they told me their root canal with discount will cost about $1,200 and take 6 - 8 months. This compares to about $1,500 for a root canal in private practice and done in three visists. I mean $300 is not chump change but it’s not much of a discount for extra 5 to 7 months.

You’re best bet if you’re friend is serious is to call 1-800-DENTISTS and carefully explain to the operator, that you MUST have a dentist that is willing to take time payments. You won’t get any discount but at least you can find a dentist willing to replace your fillings and let you do it over a period of years

I got tired of looking for dentist who wouldn’t even start a procedure without the entire amount upfront. The 1-800-DENTIST people found me a dentist who was willing to take $300/down and go paycheck to paycheck.

In some ways I can’t blame them dentists can too easily get burned, so they won’t take people who can’t pay in full.

Great link! Thanks.

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As an aside, I was working at the University of Calgary at the time the study mentioned in the link was published. Let’s just say I know I wasn’t alone in being embarrassed to be even remotely affiliated with such quacks.

Something your friend in Idaho may not know - the replacements for mercury amalgam fillings used by quackery-promoting dentists (i.e. composite/resin fillings) cannot be said to be safer than amalgam.

This article discusses potential hazards associated with the replacement fillings, which sound scarier than anything the fearmongers can drum up about amalgam fillings.

This shouldn’t mean that one must avoid all kinds of fillings; the tiny amounts of chemicals used in them are toxic at large doses, but not in the quantities present in fillings. The most important difference between amalgam and the newer synthetic fillings is that amalgam has been used far longer with an excellent safety record.

Getting your amalgam fillings replaced is costly, painful, sets you up for potential complications of the procedure and has no demonstrated health benefits.