Idealistic arrogance... a product of hot weather and no school?

Dunno what it is with the influx of square-jawed, steely-eyed idealists this week, but I think if I read one more unprocessed Randian, Marxist, Libertarian or anarchist transcription of How The World Should Be written by someone who cannot be told the sky really is blue, I’m-a gonna scream.

I wouldn’t mind as much if any of these posters seemed to have exercised a few of their own synapses before dumping dogmatic dippiness on us. But arguing raw and largely misunderstood dialectic with people who aren’t quite sure how things work in the real world (or at least the present day)… tiresome. Enough. Think a while before posting any more of this, you sophomores on summer break. You did NOT discover the One Truth by reading that one optional poli sci book.

I figure all they need to do is go out in the real world and try to actually live by their ideals for a year or so. That should cure most of them.

Anarchy totally works, that’s why everyone wants to live in Somalia.

For libertarianism, see Somalia, but add a weak and impotent government that doesn’t actually do anything. Oh right, that is Somalia.

Marxism is totally wonderful. That’s why Chinese and North Korean sweatshops are places where workers UNITE to die in droves, and why Russia was such a great place to live for such a long time.

Randism is probably the smartest out of all of them. The heroic rich guy is all pissed off that other people exist and aren’t as rich as he is, and thinks that he alone is responsible for producing things or imagining new ideas, and that no one at all has helped him market those things, and that the world would grind to a halt without him.

It is the deluded rich guy with his nose firmly entrenched up his own ass, finding out precisely how much his shit smells like flowers.

I strongly urge followers of Rand (whether it be Paul, or otherwise) to jump off the nearest building which was constructed primarily as a substitute for a rich man’s penis.

Idealistic arrogance is a product of youth. And young people are on vacations in summer.

I remember humblebragging to my advisor just before my 3rd year of college that I had finished Atlas Shrugged. He laughed. It only took about 3 more years for me to feel the embarrassment from it. The problem is party that a little learning is a dangerous thing, and that the young lack perspective and experience. Nothing new.

Shrug, they’re young, these things are new to them. It’s like people sending you a link to a youtube video you saw months ago with the message ‘OMG I just found this new video it’s so funny!’.

OK, where is this stuff happening?

I don’t know, but we should probably start from Podunk and fan out.

I’m a late bloomer wrt Ayn Rand. I like her books, and the Gary Cooper movie was great. I dabbled into objectivism but fell in with this crazy guy who turned out to be a practicing Jew who was fleecing his members. So I just followed the Illuminati trail for fun.

I’d rephrase that as “The problem is PARTY!!! that a little learning is a dangerous thing”. :slight_smile:

Podunk must suck

Now, here comrades, we have an example of mystification obscuring class consciousness, probably resulting from a petit-bourgeois upbringing and social formation. May I have the next slide, please . . .

You’re gonna get very hoarse. And you’ll only get partial relief with the restart of classes next semester, some of that material comes from people (allegedly) gainfully employed and with independent households. Some people seem to still have a lot of leisure time available.

Oh, shit - not a practicing Jew! No wonder he was fleecing his members. You fuckin’ dummy.

Practice makes perfect.

Me? Must have stated it wrong. I meant he’s a practicing Jew when he was espousing atheism (part of objectivism.) That’s what I meant. And regardless, he was fleecing members. Get it, Jew?

I miss rape month.

Have you even thought of turning professional?

And, as we all know practice makes perfect. Was he a perfect Jew yet? Already?

Dear God, you really are the dumbest piece of shit on the boards (for which you should thank the mods - you were in the #2 position until the Lonesome Polecat banning).

Podunk is reporting the largest mass fan death incident in decades…