Ideally, I should have a sig at the bottom. If not tell me what's up

There should be a sig. phrase below.

OK. It is in my profile, how does it get activated?

Go to User CP > Edit Options and turn it on.

Oddly, the default said “on.” I set it again. Here’s another try.

Still no go.

You also have to check the Show Signature box below where you type your message. There’s four checkboxes down there like this:

O Autimatically parse URLs
O Email Notification
O Disable Smilies
O Show Signature

Make sure you click that last one before you post. It’s not one of the ones that automatically sets itself.

Gotcha! Thanks

There you go. I even like the sig line. :smiley:

I wonder if mine works. . .

You need a © symbol in there. :smiley:


Crap, I thought I had one. . .

Ah, so this is how!

As good a place as any to test the new sig.