Ideas/Advice need: Parents 40th wedding anniversary

Evening, on 15th May its my parents 40th wedding anniversary, I’d like to arrange something for them (such as a weekend away somewhere) but I’m running a blank and would appreciate any ideas.

I live in Northern Ireland but would be willing to pay for them to take a trip elsewhere if that was necessary.


For my parents’ fortieth we invited a whole lot of people to the pub where they had their wedding reception. It may be too late for this.

Is there anywhere (reasonable) that you know they’d like to go? Where did they meet/get married/go on their honeymoon/have their first/favourite home? Would they like to go back there?

What part of Norn Iron are you in DH?

What do they like doing?

I was at a wedding reception on Lusty Beg Island in Fermanagh a couple of weekends ago and it was lovely. Sit by the water, quaffing tea or something stronger. Birds singing etc.

They aren’t into gatherings like that unfortunately, don’t like being the centre of attention, which is why I was thinking of something they could go away together and do.

Thats a good idea about where they went on their honeymoon, I’ll have to do some subtle questioning to find out…

I’m in Ballymena, for my sins. :wink:

I think they’ve visited most of the scenic attractions across Ireland which is why I was thinking of possibly something further afield.

Someone suggested a trip to the theatre, Les Miserables is on in London, I was looking at whats currently being run in Dublin but don’t see anything that I think they’d enjoy, they’re pretty conservative in their tastes.

A voucher for Fairhill Shopping Centre?? :slight_smile:

That would indeed be enough to please any right-thinking person :wink:

However with a little detective work I’ve determined that they just want a weekend at a fancy hotel in the Republic, organising that at the moment…

Hey I know you have made your plans, but I just did my parents 45th last September. They did not want a party. Their anniversary fell on a Sunday so I went to church, I made an announcement. In the bulletin, and invited the congregation to join us for coffee and cake after.

Then we went out for brunch. The brunch they knew about was a surprise.

Four Seasons in Carlingford is nice. Close-ish by too. :wink:
Don’t book a weekend in the City North Hotel. The most dreary locale for a hotel ever.

I sent my parents to Paris for a long weekend for their 40th anniversary in the Eurostar.

The Brooklodge in Co. Wicklow is fantastic. And I’ve heard good things about Castle Leslie.

Oh yeah, I wanna bring my missus to Castle Leslie when she’s over next.

It’s their ruby wedding anniversary - what about a weekend at Ruby Stove Cottage, which is apparently just a mile from the Giant’s Causeway.

But then again, Paris is the city of romance!