Ideas for a group shower gift for under $50.00

One of my co-workers who is universally despised in the department is pregnant. To avoid any problems with HR our department head (HOD) has said we must throw her a shower because other more likeable co-workers received bridal and baby showers in the last couple of months. HOD is paying for the cake (supermarket) and sodas and has contributed $20.00 toward a group gift. Passing the envelop has resulted in another $27.00 dollars (out of a department of 20 employees, plus 8 student workers). I am looking for ideas for the group gift that will look suitable without spending a dime more than necessary. Any ideas

Go to Target. Get a cute baby outfit. Get a card for everyone to sign. And get a cute bag and tissue paper to put the outfit in. Get a pacifier and one of those ribbons that clip the pacifier to the kid’s shirt. Clip it on the bag. Put whatever is left ($20.00) on a gift card. Target has cute, baby shaped, gift cards. Done.

The outfit is cute, and gives new mom the chance to go… ooh, aah. The pacifier with attached clip is practical and something she will absolutely need and use.

I assume you want something that looks big and yet is not expensive. I would get a package of newborn diapers, wipes, a plastic bathtub and fill it with store brand baby shampoo, baby lotion, couple of bibs,bottles and odds and ends like that. She’ll have more to open. Dollar store is great for these kinds of things.

Is there a way to suggest the pacifier is for HER, not the baby?

A bundle of washcloths, perhaps? Or maybe several cute bibs. A Diaper Genie is about twenty bucks.

Buy a few cheap packets of bibs, onesies and socks. Buy also a clothesline and some clothespins. Open the packets, pin each gift individually along the clothesline, and put it nicely in a storage basket or bin with some tissue paper of top, with the end sticking out. It opens beautifully, seems like a ton of stuff, and looks like you put effort into it.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what we are trying to avoid. This woman is unpleasant, but we don’t won’t to get investigated for creating a “hostile work environment.”

I like this. Dollar store bibs and socks could really stretch out that clothesline for a few bucks. Thank you for the idea.

You could add a second gift. Buy a cheap dollar store basket. Put in a Mommy Care Kit (again, dollar store) - bubble bath, a romance novel, a scented candle.

$50 goes a fairly long way in terms of making a “necessity kit” as well - baby powder, diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, baby wash, wipes. If you do the dollar store for these items, cheap as well.

This thread is not NEARLY as interesting as I thought it was going to be from the title.

I was thinking "Well, one of those hand-held shower massage thingies would be an obvious place to start. Hmmm, how big is the shower and how big is the group? Let’s see what other Dopers think. "


Can I come with you when you go shopping ZPG Zealot?

I Just want to see the look on your face when the checkout chick asks when you’re due!


A copy of the “Happiest Baby on the Block” bookor DVD.

It’s like you’re the baby whisperer or some sort of infant voodoo practitioner.

You probably wouldn’t, I usually reply with something very sacrastic about kidnapping and human trafficing.

If you aren’t working off a registry, you want gifts that can be duplicated. Clothes are easy, but parents get so many clothes they don’t really seem special. Swaddle blankets, burp clothes, baby books, sensory toys, bath supplies, toys, extra changing pads, socks, baby mittens, and nice blankets are always useful.

I don’t feel remotely like being that nice. My sole motivation is HOD’s demand that peace and harmony must be remained around the office. Though I am tempted to get her some book about a woman choosing to quit her job after having a baby. That could be the gift that keeps on giving.

My go-to inexpensive and unique baby gift is an assortment of safety items that new parents will suddenly need when the kid begins to ramble: outlet caps, cabinet locking clips, those things that go on doorknobs that little kids can’t grip. You could throw a few of those items in with the clothesline and bubble bath etc.

Well, there goes the idea of getting her several of the biggest cartons of Kirkland Brand diapers that COSTCO sells so she has to take multiple trips to get them all home.
…and saying, “Well, if baby is anything like her Mom, these will sure come in handy…” is just right out.

Is anybody else here disturbed by the HOD’s interpretation that *NOT *doing something is ‘creating a hostile environment’? I think that that HOD kinda needs to be put into accounting, or something.

Also, I think that it is extra mean to stiff a woman on a baby shower/party, regardless of how big a pig she is. There are other ways of paying her back…

Go to the Dollar Store and Big Lots and such and put together one of hese. They’re easy and adorable and more than a little show-stopping. (The last one I made we used as a centerpiece.) They look like you’ve spent a lot more money and trouble than you really have. (Okay, in fairness, I spent a lot of money and trouble on the ones I made. But those were for my sister in law and someone I was hosting a shower for.)

Another option that’s gone over well in the past is a bath set. A little tub, bottles of baby wash and shampoo and lotion, wash cloths, little squeaky spouty toys, if someone who sews feels willing to put in 20 minutes of effort, a little hooded bath towel…