Ideas for Enhancing the Superbowl Experience

So my dad has invited me and my friends over to watch the Superbowl on his TV that makes most viewing experiences like watching IMAX. However, we’re on the left coast, which means we have virtually no interest in the game itself (being Niner and Raider fans). Do you have any ideas, apart from not watching it, for making the experience more interesting? Specifically, I’m thinking about games or competitions… basically something that would keep people interested all the way through.

When I am watching a game where I care not a lick for either team I like to bet on one team (often picked at random or because I like their names more or whatever). The bet need not be big…$5 or something…but it gives you a reason to root for a given team. Of course, bet whatever floats your boat.

Another way is to make a football grid with 100 squares and have people bet on that then randomly pick the numbers for the rows and columns (I use a deck of cards for that). This way you don’t care for any given team but find yourself cheering for anyone to score such that you win something. There are a variety of payout scenarios for grids like these so again whatever stakes and whatever works best for you.

You also might modify a “game” I often play when at a baseball game. You grab a cup and stuff a dollar into it. If the batter gets to first base you get your dollar back. If he makes it to second base you get $2 and third you get $3. Homerun you get all the money in the cup. Every change of batter sees the cup passed to the next person who does the same. I’m sure with a little creative thinking you could modify that for football.

We bet on the Super Bowl commercials.

We gather together a bunch of loose change in the house - no more than $10.00 in quarters, dimes, and nickels. Everyone gets an equal allocation of money to start off with.

Then we bet.

‘I bet you 25 cents that the next commercial will be a car commercial’

Or a beer commerical. Or a financial services commercial. Or a light beer commercial. Or none of the above.

Betting variation: I bet the next shot of fans in the stands will be of Patriot fans. Or of Eagles fans. Or a player’s wife. Or McNabb’s mother. Or a babe not wearing enough clothes. Or the next cheerleader shot will be the Eagles cheerleaders. And so forth, and so on.

We have a lot of fun with this, year in, year out. Gosh, we are a bunch of dweebs in my house.

What I’ve come up with is basically Superbowl Bingo, where I hand out bingo cards with specific plays, events, and commercials on them. Since some events can happen more than once, I was going to institute a “plow” rule; that is to say that if the event on the sheet happens more than once, then you can mark off one of the ajoining squares, and if it happens a 3rd time, then you can mark off one of the squares adjoining the one you just marked off.

If you’re interested, you can download the Excel spreadsheet here:

To regenerate the squares, either reload the spreadsheet or copy and paste one of the squares back on itself.

“But,” my wife says, “that means people will have to pay attention to the whole game.”

“That,” I replied with a smile, “is preciscely the point.”

Oh, I forgot to mention that since I’m no Excel guru, I couldn’t get the formula to link to the second sheet. Therefore it is vital that you only print out the first page. Otherwise, you’ll end up with 1 card, several blank pages, and several pages full of all the possibilities for the card.

Start drinking around noon.