Will you be watching the 2014 Super Bowl?

Just curious.

Anonymous poll.

I scheduled my book club for the afternoon. We are having Superbowl themed snacks and beer. It should be a good time. I will not be watching the game (I don’t care for American football). If not for all the pot jokes on Facebook, I might not even know who is playing.

You bet. I’m on the Seahawk bandwagon. It most years, I’m a bit less interested.

Sure. Don’t care who wins, but it looks like it should be a good game.

I don’t understand “just watching for the commercials.” Commercials are still just fucking commercials. There may be a gem or two in there, but let’s be honest, the vast majority of it is the same bullshit you’ve seen hundreds of times already.

Don’t give a shit about the halftime show. I don’t know who Bruno Mars is. Sounds like a crappy Disney Channel show.

Sports are boring, period.

eta: No, I won’t be watching.

Believe it or not, I’m counting on this poll helping me to decide. :slight_smile:

If the Titans were involved then definitely yes. As it is, I can’t care.

I always feel this way. I asked my daughter who Bruno Mars was. Apparently a pop singer who sounds like Michael Jackson. I’ll have to find something else to do for 30 minutes I guess.

Of course.

I only watch two football games a year: the Superbowl and the Grey Cup. It’s more about the entire event, than just the football though.

Not only no, but fuck no. The best thing to come out of the Superb Owl is the Puppyb Owl.

Sadly I will be in an airplane… flying, ironically, to Seattle.

I voted “all of it” but that’s not entirely accurate. I watch by myself: I like the lead up things before the game, I want to watch the opera singer doing the “Star-Spangled Banner,” I want to see the commercials and the half-time show. But I may switch over to “Downton Abbey” or something else if I lose interest in the game. I usually don’t watch any football games except for the Super Bowl each year. I also have been known to fall asleep during the game.

I’ll watch every second of the game and none of the half-time show.

Go Broncos!

Nah. I’m more or less done with football, and I’m not invested with either team playing.


I will. My wife’s uncle and aunt host Football Sunday every week and this is the culmination. It’s also my birthday party. I don’t really care who wins.

I will watch every play of the game. I will watch none of the pregame, postgame, halftime, or commercials.

I will look in now and again for the updated score. There’s too much regalia for me to watch in comfort.

Will you have the TV on mute?

Nope. I’ll DVR, wait until 25-30 minutes after kickoff and zip through commercials, and then do the same for the second half.

Me too.