Did you watch the Superbowl?

Just a little Doper sports poll.

I was physically present for the whole thing, but I didn’t care about either team or the Black Eyed Peas, and the commercials didn’t seem as good as in years past. I was surfing the internet while the game was on, so I voted “Yes, part of it.”

Yes, and watched for the game not the commercials. I didn’t have any stake in who won, but I went to a neighbors who had her family over. She said My families crazy, I don’t know why youre here.
She was right as in the second half, two of her female relatives got into a phsyical fight and she told us to leave.
Good game though!

I had absolutely no interest and aggressively avoided it.

Football has been one of my few escapes from life’s realities and pressures. I always look forward to the Super Bowl no matter who is playing, and usually enjoy every minute of it. Yesterday’s was a pretty good one IMHO, all things considered. No a big Peas fan, but the kids seemed to like it. Better than watching the Stones come out on their walkers, anyway.

Only seven months until football season starts again. Woo-Hoo!!!

No. Never watched any Superbowl. Had no idea who was playing. Zero interest.

I understand that in U.S. society, I’m an anomaly, and have come to terms with it. When someone attempts to initiate a conversation by asking if I “saw the game,” I respond “no.” During the inevitable briefing about “the game” that follows, I nod and make periodic grunts of feigned interest, to be polite. Experience has shown this is much easier than admitting that I don’t actually watch football, a confession met (at best) with sidelong glances of intense suspicion.

When discussing football (or any professional sport), I’ve always felt a bit like a gay teenager pretending, in the company of his straight friends, to ogle the tits of a centerfold. Boy howdy, I’d sure like to get me some of that!

What she said.

I watched every second of it and enjoyed it quite a bit. I don’t like the Steelers or the Packers, but I was cheering for the Pack because my various hateful feelings towards Brett Favre. It helps that it was a pretty good game and not a blowout or a no-scoring snoozefest.

I watched the Puppy Bowl. :slight_smile:

Missed the first quarter, but watched all the rest except for halftime.

Some of it, but then my boyfriend fell asleep and I switched over to the Dateline story about Aron Ralston,, which to me was infinitely more interesting.

I tried to watch the halftime show but quickly employed the “mute” button. Ugh.

I would have watched all of it, but I kept dropping off during the fourth quarter. Not because I was bored, it was just really late here.

I was watching it on again off again. Had my iPad and was surfing, with periodic visits outside to smoke cigars and drink beer with friends (well…I was drinking soda, sadly) in front of a roaring fire. I’d say that I caught maybe a 1/3rd of the total game, and while I didn’t know any of the players and could have cared less who won, I still enjoyed it.


I can think of few things I would dislike more than watching the Super Bowl.

I didn’t even know it was on* until people started putting the trailers for Captain America and Thor up all over the intrawebs.

*I knew it was sorta coming up, because people online had mentioned it, but I couldn’t have told you what day.

I have never watched a Super Bowl, or any other sport on TV for that matter, and didn’t break my trend this time. I don’t usually watch TV on the weekends, so a ball game wasn’t going to change my routine or impact my day anyway.

I didn’t watch it, I caught up on NCIS, had some special time with the gf, and played video games until late.

I do go watch high school football games occasionally. Professional, I’ve seen about 60 minutes of it my whole life.

I’m the only one so far who has voted “No, but I wanted to.”

It’s not like I was dying to see it, but it would’ve been interesting. But I couldn’t because there were other things I had to do on Sunday afternoon. Mainly involving taking care of my baby son.

No, unless you cound the couple minutes of post-game stuff I saw after I tuned into Fox for the special episode of Glee.

I’m a die-hard Steelers fan, so I watched it from the opening coin toss to the bitter end.

A summary for those who missed it: Pittsburgh lost the coin flip, and it sort of went downhill from there.