Ideas for office mischief

I am often tempted to move the keys around on the keyboards, or mess about with MS word’s autocorrect feature so that ‘the’ is replaced with ‘teh’ (or ‘I am watchingg youoo’)

Those would probably backfire though.

What small but clever ideas do you have for mischief? Nothing erm, silly like replace the water in the water cooler with parrafin. Just things that will make a few people laugh (and hopefully my boss lose his mind)

Lobbers, the depths to which your boredom takes you never ceases to astound me.

And you’re getting no prankster advice from me. I’m far too mature for shenanigans like that.

:smiley: :smiley:

Actually, it’s just because I’m not creative enough. I’m eagerly anticipating some devious posts from some of our more cheeky Dopers.

-Set all the browsers default pages to something naughty.
-Raise all the chairs in the office a little bit too high
-Plug x-10 controllers into common devices (fans, lamps etc), keep the remote in your desk and randomly turn them on and off at will
-Place a post-it, unsigned, on someones desk before they arrive, saying “Josh: I NEED THOSE NUMBERS ASAP SEE ME WHEN YOU GET IN”
-Reprogram the display text on the printers (ie instead of “PC LOAD LETTER” have it say “FEED ME NOW!”)
-Attach haiku to commonly used objects
-Take the label maker and label everything
-Decorate all the the office plants with origami made from post-it notes
-Rubber duck in the water cooler
-Remove the balls from everyones mice
-Turn down the contrast, way down, on all monitors
-Fake out an incredibly embarrassing personal memo and leave it in the printer and see how long til someone overcomes the sense of discomfort to give you the print job. Or use someone elses name instead.
-Mix up everyones mail in the little mail cubbies
-swap out the “M” and “N” keys, will take awhile before it is noticed

Crank up the volume on everybody’s PC speakers to max.

I seem to recall a little program that you put in the startup folder that at random intervals makes the CD drawer open, accompanied by a belching noise.

One time somebody went into my boss’s desk and switched around the caps on all his colored Sharpies . . .

Somehow, I think I’d really like working with jormundgondir :smiley:

Office pranks rule.

et a “clapper” or two and hook up various office devices in the marks office/cubicle… set 'em off with loud noises, not claps… you’ll get more mileage if they aren’t sure why their stuff is turning on and off…

As a April fools day prank, I once reprogrammed the names on everyone’s extensions within the phone system to random silly things. (So when I called your desk, instead of saying “Obsidian” it would say “Stan’s Meat Market” or such.) Jormundgondir’s printer “Feed Me” reminded me of that.

It was a small office. Most laughed. Several thought there was something really wrong with the phones. One very seriously informed me our phone system had a virus.

Out of curiousity, jormundgondir, how long have you been unemployed and have you finished your community service yet?

invert the keypad on the keyboards.

Put a live tiger in someone’s office after hours on a Friday and shut the door. Give it enough water to last over the weekend. Come in on Monday morning early enough to watch the person open the office door. Watch, as hilarity ensues. :smiley:

We all answered sales calls on a phone queue. Sometimes a customer would ask to speak to a specific representative. When that happened, we would send an instant message saying “PARK??” to the rep, to see if the customer could be parked on their line so they could take the call. Usually these were regular customers who did good business with us, so we always looked forward to PARK?? messages and responded to the IM right away.

When things were slow, it was great fun to send the PARK?? message to the public list, and see how many reps responded.

Maybe someone’s office has a similar setup? Just wanted to share this with the teeming millions.

The place I used to work had a little, plastic bicycle horn; the kind with the rubber bulb on the end that you squeeze to honk the horn. It was used as a signal. If you needed everybody’s attention for something, or just for our morning meeting, you’d honk the horn. One night I was the last to leave the office, so I filled it up with water and put it back on the hook.

Get the dorkiest picture possible of your boss. Stay at the office late one night and set the background wallpaper on everybody’s computer to that picture.

Find a cow-orker who uses their CD-ROM drive a lot. Get a spare CD-ROM drive and put some obscure CD in it. When nobody’s around, open that person’s computer and mount that new drive inside it, but use one of the internal hard-drive bays so it won’t be seen from the outside. Hook the data cable to the hidden drive, but be sure to leave power connected to the original CD-ROM, too. Close the case. The regular drive will still work since it has power; it will open and close. But no matter what CD someone puts in it, the computer will read the hidden CD inside.

I used to work in a CPA’s office where one of the partner’s was banging his secretary. He frequently did this on Friday evenings in his office, which has no windows.

Late Friday afternoon, I superglued the door frame and the phone in his office.

He and his secretary were in there for 36 hours before they were able to get someones attention around Sunday morning.

Cost about $1,000 to get them out and replace the door.

Was suspected. Never got caught.

Take an office chair, remove the seat cover, and carefully insert a golf ball in such a way that someone sitting on it will barely notice. Use it on a chair many people sit on, and see how long it takes for someone to come to realize they have been sitting with a golf ball halfway up their ass.

COWORKER: “Urk this chair always feels uncomfortable when I sit on it.”

INCUBUS: “Hmm maybe its your posture. You should get that checked out- my roomate told me bad posture can cause cancer these days”

I am proud of you guys!

My brother can tell some stories of prankstery. He had a flatmate once who I almost drove insane. He (my brother) would do very subtle things, like move a flowerpot half an inch every day, or re-slant the same picture every time his flatmate corrected it. His flatmate did not suspect my brother, but thought the place as haunted.

(ps. my bro had some much better pranks than those, those are the only ones I remember though)

Robot Arm Your cd-rom idea is pure genius. And the most practical and easy to set up prank award goes to Johnny L.A.

:smack: spot the deliberate Lobsang.

“who I almost drove insane” should be “who he almost drove insane”

You could try out some Froggy death postures. I’ve had that going for over a year now.

For the boss (we did this): Remove everything from the top of the desk. Remove the desk from the office. Place everything from the desktop on the floor in the same arrangment as it was on the desktop.

If someone is still using one of the those looseleaf desktop calendars with the two holes and the leaves that flip over, take them all out, shuffle them, put them back.