Ideas, inventions that may never come to market

A plastic teething object for toddlers.

It resembles a raw, short rib of beef. When it is chewed, the toddler’s teeth and gums turn red!

Care to share your ideas, inventions?

A fat-sculpting undergarment that squeezes body fat into pronounced geometrical shapes, corporate logos or Masonic symbols.

A portable wearable vest made out of heating pads so you don’t have to stay in one spot when your back is hurting.

I have a few really good ones, but I don’t want to share those.

How about this, a bar/coffee shop. The issue with bars and coffee shops is that they both only operate for a specific portion of the day. If you combine a coffee shop with bar, you can do coffee in the morning and booze at night. This would all be under the same roof, so one rent payment, one set of utilities (commercial electric is billed for peak usage, so no rate hike there), one point of sales system. Effectively, your revenue is doubled but your expenses do not.

This is not a product, but an idea. I’m sure they’re out there, but I’ve never heard of them.

A feminine hygiene pad that changes the color of the collected blood to lime green and then explodes once it is full.

Or one that has a stick and can be frozen and sold to fetishists.

I’m pretty sure they already have that.

I want the gene-splicing community to insert lightening bug genes into the common housecat. Because who wouldn’t want a cat that has a butt that lights up? Y’all with me? :smiley:

It doesn’t need to explode; a plain ol’ siren will do.

Those bastards stole my brain thoughts!!!

The only reason I shared that concept, though, is because it’s not like someone else doing it would preclude you from doing it. Also, I’m not sure Starbucks could shake the stigma of being a coffee place. I also don’t think an established bar could simply start serving coffee in the morning. It’d be a novelty instead of an identity.

From the thread about the crotch pocket in women’s panties… a panty pocket protector!

Not just one but three;

  • Snooze button for smoke detector
  • Mailbox with built-in-shredder
  • Fast-Forward button for my microwave oven.

An “undo” button on a microwave oven. Your beverage got too hot? Undo it so it becomes cool enough to drink. Your cheese burrito burns the roof of your mouth? Undo it so the cheese turns from soup back to cheese. Etc. etc.

Already been invented. Sort of. Years ago The Onion sold gag gift boxes. One of them was printed up as a box for a smoke alarm that included, among other things, a snooze capability.

And Christmas is already past…darn…maybe next year.

YES! I totally want that and would buy it in a heartbeat. Many years ago I lived in an apartment complex where the management was pretty hip and kept a large trash can next to the mailboxes. That was SO convenient!

How about a service that will drive around and pick up everybody’s junk mail in a large truck and then go dump it on the front door of those Val-Pak and Money Mailer bullshit scammer companies? Oh, and cover it in rancid dog poo and light it on fire, take a picture and post it on Facebook so we can all share it around.

How about a button that attaches to a phone so when a scammer or telemarketer calls you press it and it delivers 8000 amps down the line to their office and straight into the CEO’s chair?

Bourbon scented car air freshener

Wet ashtray flavored gum

Covered kiddie slide with a yonic exit

Me too. I hate bringing junk mail inside the house because I know it will just pile up on a shelf. If I deal with it outside, no pile.

Excellent! Current thread winner.