Identical quadruplets

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I once saw a show on multiple births, and the mother of identical quadruplet boys said she got a little peeved sometimes when folks asked her if she’d taken fertility drugs. Identicals are not cause by taking those, but are something that occurs naturally, when a single egg splits. Later on I saw the same family in a Tide commercial, in which the mom extolled the virtues of Tide when having to deal with the messiness of four nine year old boys.

Imagine all the inane comments the mother of these newborns is going to get, the same jokes about marrying them off, or dressing them alike.

Better her than me. Identicals can happen from fertility drugs. It is still possible for an egg to split after being transferred.

There was a set of identical quadruplet girls in Texas, if memory serves. They’re probably in their late twenties, early thirties now?

Maybe they can put the new identical quads to work in the film industry. I bet it’d be a valuable commodity - four perfectly identical, tinier than average babies. Almost a given than ONE of them will be happy and quiet and ready for her closeup. Probably just the ticket for some casting agent somewhere.

My friend’s sister had quads about 15 years ago. She wasn’t on fertility drugs. She got pregnant with fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) and then both eggs split. Genetically, they were two sets of identical twins.

I had a neighbor with triplets, identical twins & the third was a look alike. They were little hellions; switching beds at night, switching seats/classrooms in school. No one ever knew which one you were talking to; even Mom & Dad got confused sometimes. Just think of the fun these four can have in a few years! :smiley:

My friend and co-worker is one of identical triplets. Their parents color-coded them, she got blue. She generally wears blue whenever at family events so that people will know which one she is. She and her sisters are in their late 20s now, so it’s not such an issue - they still strongly resemble one another, but you can see small differences.

Oh! And no fertility treatments in her mom’s case, they just happened that way. Mom and Dad thought they were having twins when surprise! Here comes another!