Identify movie scene

I’m trying to think of a movie or it could be a show on HBO or an equivalent because of the language.

There is a beautiful Native American woman in a bar and she is across the room. There is a man (I just can’t remember which actor) sitting at the bar talking to the bartender about the woman. I believe the man at the bar is an innocent type maybe a virgin and asks a question or says a question out loud.

and the bartender says, “To fuck her!”
There’s no way this didn’t happen because the way the bartender says the line is unforgettable. I just can’t remember any actor or actresses names. I would especially like to know the name of the Native American actress, or if she just has a couple IMDB credits. I strongly believe that the woman is Native American although I can’t 100% guarantee that.

This probably isn’t possible to figure out which such little information, I guess it’s worth it to try.

Sorry, I don’t know the answer, but my guess would be it was on Deadwood. Assuming this was a Western?