Identify old car: In Ferris Bueller's Day Off, what was the other (1920s) car in Cameron's garage?

In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris and the gang went for a joy ride in Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari.

But what about the car not taken? What was the other old (1920s, looks like) car in Cameron’s dad’s garage? You can find a shot of it here.

Do you mean the red one in this picture?

I’m thinking it’s an MG T type.

No, not the red one. That’s not from the movie. The green one. You can see it at the 3:00 mark in this YouTube video.

Green or maybe black. I can’t quite tell.

Looks like they’re both MG-Ts, probably about 1952, not 1920s.

The green one looks like an MG-TD to me.

Ah, sorry. I skipped over the pic (

It looks like a right hand drive, so I’m still guessing “something British”, but that’s all I got.


Your eyes are better than mine :slight_smile:

The Internet Movie Car Database says it’s a MG J2 from between '32 & '34. Listed as a '32 because they take the lowest year when the exact year can’t be determined.

Internet Movie Car Database identifies it as a 1932 MG J2.
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Correction, thanks to It’s a 1930s MG J2. I hadn’t noticed the part of the body sticking out in front of and below the radiator.

The Internet Movie Cars Database is always the best place to go with questions like this. I should have gone there first.

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I’m a minor contributor there. :slight_smile:

Thanks, y’all. I had read a recent online article which described it as a “Model T type car,” and I knew that was way off, but I couldn’t figure out what it actually was.

MG built, essentially, the same design for over 20 years?

Why not? They built the MGB for 18 years.

So did Ferris and his friends take the less valuable car?

Hardly. You can get a concourse-winning 1933 MG J2 right now for under $68,000. In 2008 a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder sold for $11 million.

If they’d taken off the speedometer cable and hooked it to an electric drill going backwards, would the odometer have gone backwards? I assume the cable is connected to the front wheel not the back?