Identify the source of this quote/reference

It describes when god asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, but does it in plain modern english, and has Abraham say something to the effect of “Lord you must be kidding me” and god replying with something along the lines of “but when I come around you better run.”

I know I’ve heard this somewhere, I’m half convinced it’s a Johnny Cash song, but I can’t find it with any lyrics-search website. It’s not “The man comes around.”

I can’t say definitively whether it’s a song, poem, or what, but I’ve seen it quoted here, and I know I’ve run across the source somewhere. Thanks for your time, and hopefully someone can answer this.

Bob Dylan “Highway 61 Revisited”


Now… to iTunes!

ETA: I was thinking the Man in Black because of the lyrics, I couldn’t remember what I’d heard them from, but it seemed like something he’d sing. Dylan would’ve never occured to me.

Don’t forget to check out the version by P.J. Harvey.

Also, Johnny Winter from the 3-sided album. Guess that dates me a bit.