Identify these African musicians, please

This comes from a story I heard on NPR some years back, about a group of muscians in Africa who, while not famous, are well-known in musical circles (though not any of mine). Two details–besides the fact that they are phenomenally talented–from the story I can remember:

Mick Jagger or one of the Rolling Stones made a trip at one point to hear them perform.

It is said that sometimes a sweet, perfume-like smell fills the air when they are playing.

Any ideas on who they are? Thanks

Sounds to me like, perhaps, the musicians of Jajouka, Morocco. Brian Jones “presented” an LP of theirs recorded at Aid el Kebir in the late '60s which fetches $50 or better these days as an original copy in decent shape.

Thanks, Crandolph…you’re absolutely right.

Here is why I pay my subs, thanks for that, I will check them out.

You’re welcome. There is a CD out now as the Wikipedia article states which should save you some cash. I also have an album someone else recorded of them in the mid-70s which I picked up for less than $10 considering it wasn’t the Stones-related collectors item.

Hope you like droning, toodling and all hell breaking loose… that’s what it sounds like (pretty cool though IMO.)