Identify these (West) German toy gliders from the '80s/'90s

Packed away in a box somewhere, I have two or three toy gliders from Germany, or possibly from West Germany. They’re quite attractive and well-made. The fuselages are made of vacuum-formed plastic; two halves joined together. The nosecones are, IIRC, rubber. I don’t remember if one had a rubber motor, but I do recall that they came with a plastic stick with a rubber band on it for launching. If one of them had a rubber motor, I think it had wire landing gear. But again, I don’t recall. The wings and tail surfaces were wire frames covered with plastic film. They were white with bright colours. I recall one has red and green trim decals against the white base. I believe they were sold in cardboard boxes, and that the wings could be removed.

I could dig through boxes in the storage unit, but I’m just curious what the name of the company that made them was.

Don’t know about the particular models you described, but the leading company for plane models in Germany in those days was (and I guess still is) Graupner.

Found it!

The maker is Günther Flugspiele. Here is an example of the type of toy I have. The shapes of the flying surfaces and fuselage are correct.

I wonder if it was designed by Heinrich Dorfmann?