Identify this 1920s car (US)

Here are two photos of a family car from the 1920s:

Photo 1
Photo 2

I could use some help identifying the car. I know the family owned a Dort at some point. Is this the Dort? Or something else?

Could you look up the plate number in the second pic?

That looks a lot like a Ford Model A to me.

I’ve only ever seen spoked wheels on a Model A.

The wheels look Dort-ish.

Confirmation bias? :wink:

Upon review, I can’t say that I am 100% certain the two photos in the OP are of the same car.

The one in the first photo is definitely the family car in which I am interested. The one in the second photo probably is, but not certainly.

Did Dort make any hardtops?

Maybe. But I did search for an image of a Model A without spoked wheels before posting. I can’t find one.

It appears to be the same type of car - it’s a pity you can’t see the front bumper in the 1st photo.

Found a Dort hardtop. Does not really match either of the photos though.

Except for the hood ornament, the car in photo 2 looks a lot like a Chevrolet National.

I was just joshin’. Username and all.

Maybe it is a Model A. This Model A matches up pretty well…except for the wheels. Those solid wheels are throwing me.

For car 1, how do you feel about a Packard? (*especially *the wheels, although the headlights are cylindrical rather than your family photo’s bowl shape).

Both shots show a 1930 Chevy. '29s were very similar but not quite identical.

The Dort stopped in '24. This is a much more modern looking car.

Another difference is the bar connecting the headlights. It forms a sort of “frown” in the OP photo, but it’s straight across on the Chevy. The “frown” is one thing that makes the OP car look like a Ford. I notice the connecting bar on the Dort is straight too.

Headlights are different. Conical on the OP car, cylindrical on the Packard. (The differences are subtle on these 1920s cars!)

Your link doesn’t work for me, but I think maybe you’ve nailed it. (Front.) 1930 would be about right given the ages of the people in the photos.

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