Identify this 1980's PBS Kids' Show

Here is what I remember: This show aired during the daytime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s on WITF, the PBS station in Harrisburg, PA. I don’t think it was locally produced though, so it probably aired on many PBS stations.

A girl and boy were the main characters, both American. They were helped by two “robots” who were more like machines in that they couldn’t move around. One looked like a fancy typewriter and would communicate by typing words. The other I think looked like a TV and had a voice but no face. Instead, when it spoke, a white light would go on and off on the TV screen. The show was kinda mysterious and sinister. I remember overtones that the boy and girl were reporters or some kind of journalists. Each show ended with a cliffhanger. The show was either 15 minutes or a half hour long, I don’t remember.

The distinguishing thing was the two robot/machine helpers. I’m positive about them.

Ring any bells with anyone?

Yep. It was a Canadian production called Read All About It.

Right, and you can find all the episodes for both seasons on Youtube.

Kids fighting aliens with their newspaper. Creepy, eh?

Five minutes?! It took 5 minutes to get an answer. Mr. Moto, you’re awesome. Thank you very much!

Theta and Otto were the robots, I’ve since learned.

That’s great news Sefton - thank you for telling me about the youtube episodes. I didn’t think I’d ever see it again. I watched it when I was home from school, sick. I always wanted to know what happened. Now it’s coming back to me - aliens and secret agents…

Thank you both!

I can see why you wondered so much. Kids shows are worse than David Lynch in tying up the loose ends of the plot lines. :wink:

That show was my soap opera back in the day. I remember one of the characters–the blonde-haired girl named Lynne–couldn’t read too well. There was one season when the gang fought the evil, supernatural forces of a man called Dunedin. That whole storyline creeped me out event into my teenage years. Even the theme music was scary.

Hey what took so long? Was there a time out or something?

I loved that show when I was a kid. I’ve always respected TVOntario (who I think produced the show as well as broadcast it) for one act in particular: On the last Friday before school started after Easter break, they added a voice-over that summarized how that plotline ended. I know that sounds like spoiling the story now, but this was in the time before VCRs were common so most of the kids watching would have otherwise gone back to school with an unresolvable cliffhanger.