Identify this bad Sci-fi film

Ok, here’s a painful childhood memory I’d like to put to rest. One of those that’s so crusty-old that it hurts to remember it. I saw it in the late 70s to mid 80s (hey, I was a kid, my sense of time didn’t extend past saturday morning cartoons) and am dying to find out what it was. Fortunately, it had some very striking visual images that I’m sure you’ll recognize if you saw it…

  1. A dad of a young family (Mom, Dad, little boy) dies/is abducted by aliens.
  2. “Dad” comes back, but as an alien-clone-thing, the scene this is in shows him sort of skinless and evolving slowly into human form (a la Hellraiser, but this was well before Hellraiser) and this one bit where he is flopping around on the floor skinless crab-style, with his elbows and knees bent the wrong way! (apparently the aliens hadn’t quite figured out the human form)
  3. “Dad” now tries to look up his old family, one scene shows him at a pay phone, calling his wife. When his wife answers he opens his mouth and can only manage a gurgle (apparently not quite having mastered speech yet). Then as he hands up the phone the reciever handle melts in his hand (WTF?).
  4. “Dad” eventually gets back together with the family and all is well for a while. He and the boy then capture this teenage girl (sister/babysitter?) and put her in a cocoon sort of thing, and these transluscent eggs come oozing out of the cocoon on a little chute, presumably manufactured by the now-mutated girl.
  5. In the final scene “Dad” and the little boy are taken away on a space ship, they’re both all skinless and creepy looking, with a bright light behind them as they wave goodbye to Mom.

Ok, that’s all I can remember. I may have gotten some of the details slightly wrong, but it’s the best I can do… Please help!

It absolutely has to be Xtro. Whooo, what a turd of a movie!

Oh god, that’s it. And here I was hoping it was just a horrible nightmare. And I see they’ve made more of them… for the love of God why?!?

If you really want to laugh your ass off at some truely bad movie-making, rent this stinker. However, I reccomend you watch it under heavy self-medication, otherwise the pain can be blinding.

Maybe *Starman[i/].(?)
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but your post seems to ring a bell. The transluscent egg dealies seem about right.

If it was Starman it was also a really bad T.V. show for, I think, like, 3 weeks.

Oh. Never mind. While I was "preview"ing you got the right answer.

But I’m sticking to Starman.

Independance Day.

Sorry, I just read “Bad Sci-Fi” movie and jumped to a conclusion.

No, pldennison is right – it’s definitely Xtro. I’ve seen it, but I wouldn’t show it at one of my Bad Film Festivals – it’s not ENTERTAININGLY bad.

Believe it or not, there was a sequel, Xtro II.

Xtro it is, but here’s another one.

Mom, Dad, and Little Girl move into a new house. Little Girl goes out to backyard, and finds large (8’) glowing gold pyramid thing with symbols on it. She runs inside to show Mom and Dad, but when they come back out it’s gone. She looks around and finds the same pyramid, only now it’s about 2" tall, so she picks it up and keeps it. Later that night a tiny (6") glowing little man comes out of it and dances on the end of her bed. At some point later in the movie, a miniature space ship (about the size of a small dog) is hovering at head level chasing the family through the house, and they barricade themselves in a room. The tiny spaceship begins to burn through the door somehow. Sometime after the little glowing man defeats the tiny spaceship (not sure how). Sketchy, I know, but would love to know if anyone’s knows this one… And just for starters, it is not Batteries Not Included, this was well before that, again late 70s-mid 80s…

You’ve got me there – this one doesn’t ring any bells. Sounds engagingly weird, though. But how does a 6" man come out of a 2" pyramid?