Identify this California Bridge, please.

Can anyone identify This Stone Arch Bridge?

I took these pictures while on a business trip in California where I drove down the California Coast from San Francisco to San Diego. This bridge is somewhere along highway 1 but I have NO IDEA where it was. I’m thinking between San Francisco and Monterey. I think it’s an abandoned highway 1 bridge.

The pictures are:

  1. The Bridge.
  2. The view from the south side of the bridge of the coast.
  3. The view from on the bridge of the parallel railroad trestle.

Anything you can tell me about this bridge would be great, but I just want to label the picture.


It is an old Highway 1 bridge. It is a few miles up the coast from Santa Barbara/Goleta.


It’s probably made of concrete, not stone.

I think it is the bridge that basically runs above Gaviota beach state park. It’s right where 101 hits the coast again out from Santa Maria/ Lompoc/ Sta Inez side heading towards Santa Barbara.

Actually: revision. I think hajario is right-- It’s closer than that, alongside 101 towards the ocean but not in use any more- I think there’s a bike path on the trestle. I don’t know if it’s possible to pinpoint a location much better than hajaro did-- I don’t think this bridge corresponds to any real notable site.

Ok, more information-- husband reports that that bridge takes foot and bike traffic between El Capitan state park (beach) and (we think) El Refugio st park (beach).

No, I’m not INTENTIONALLY padding my post count with this wishy-washy-ness.

Fellow Santa Barbaran capybara is correct. The bridge is currently used for bicycle and foot traffic.


Of course, I don’t know what I was thinking when I typed that.

Thanks for the answers. I was sure that it was further north.

I do remember now it being close to where 101 meets 1. I was on 101 because 1 was washed out at the time between Monterey and Big Sur. (February, 1997).